Web-comic Character Development

Cartoon of Zip and Monkey-mind

Playing with colour design for these two characters Zip and Monkey-mind.

For some time I’ve been playing with ideas for a comic strip involving the characters shown above. Zip Crashwell is a former race car driver who’s had a few too many concussions. As a result, he’s plagued by an over-active hallucination in the form of a monkey who’s only mission seems to be to drive Zip over the edge.

I’m working now at developing the supporting cast and hope to launch a web-comic later this year. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Web-comic Character Development

  1. Hi Eric, I love your name and the concept is cool if you can keep it funny, but compassionate. Too many concussions = brain damage, which is not funny. You might consider checking out the most recent DSM – Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for brain injury. That way you can keep your character accurate. I always hated it when authors refer to personality disorders as schizophrenic. Incorrect usage grates. You might consider having Zip with a pre-concussion personality disorder – perhap narcissistic- so that you can keep him in character. One of the hallmarks of early dementia is that traits/characteristics are exaggerated because the inhibitors go down, while the excitors go up. Same with some brain damage. Enough of my psychiatric nurse background showing, but just keep in mind – would it be funny if it was your bro or uncle who was brain-damaged? Sometimes they are hilarious, (I have stories to tell) but always you need to be kind.

    • Thanks Marguerite, I’m glad you like the concept and I appreciate your feedback, it’s good to have your perspective. Yes, I have it in mind that Zip is a very over-the-top kind of individual. He likes to be the centre of attention and it’s natural for him to think that all eyes are on him worshipping him for who he is and what he does. Of course, what makes him likable and fun to follow is that he’s extremely fallible, which is where the humour comes in as he has to repair the comic situations he quite often causes. To balance things out, he’s also very big-hearted, once he’s steered in the right direction, which is how the supporting cast will function. Monkey-mind is a hallucination and in some ways an extension of Zip’s character, both causing his problems and also helping repair them in serendipitous fashion. Hopefully I can find the time to deliver all of that. Time will tell, keep watching.

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